Fast diagnosis method was done and as suspected. I would certainly recommend a doctor for gastro care.
Pooja Dambir
The doctor had treated my spouse earlier a year back. He is excellent in his knowledge, profession and patient friendliness. He is economical for the patient. I am fully satisfied with him in all respect.
Vilas Chavan
I had been taking treatment from one of the most experienced Gastroenterologists of Pune and obeyed all the instructions by him during that treatment period but didn’t see any improvement after a treatment period of 3 months due to which I had to look for other available options. After reviewing many feedbacks of Gastroenterologist doctors available in Pune decided to visit Dr. Gadhikar.It was my first visit to Dr. Gadhikar’s clinic. I had to wait for some time, but that is not markable, as I was late by 10 min from my appointment time.
He listened to my medical history properly & suggested for some pills & tests.
I am going to start the treatment by today & hope that Dr. Gadhikars’s treatment would cure me of my Gasto diseases which are troubling me from last 4 yrs
Aniket Batra
Doctor Gadhikar is an expert Gastroenterologist of Pune!!
Where general physicians, numerous antacids, painkillers, and USG scans failed, one visit to Dr. Gadhikar solved my stomach pain mystery. He listened to my stomach ache history( which occurred about 1 year without detection of any problem). then he prescribed just one blood test.
And voila..the culprit intestinal problem giving me sleepless nights was caught.
It was a gallbladder stone, which could not even be detected by Ultra-Sonography. but one blood test did! No doubt, why one should always prefer experience over anything else!
Prajana Patil
It was a wonderful and reassuring experience with Dr. Harshal Gadhikar. He took time to go through my previous reports, noted down all the problems and then came up with the course of treatment. He was kind and patient enough to answer all my questions and advise me on the diet to be followed. Altogether a very pleasant experience
Pooja Sirbhate
Initially, when I visited for the first time, the problem was immediately diagnosed and the decision to go for gastroscopy was taken the next day. According to the gastroscopy report, medicines for one month were given and now I am feeling better than before. The doctor is down to the earth person, speaks very politely. Thank you, sir !!!
Sheetal Dhrmani