The Hepatitis A Outbreak

Hepatitis A: What is it and how does it spread? Hepatitis A is a contagious liver infection that can cause substantial liver damage. It is transmitted through an infected person's faeces—when someone with Hepatitis A fails to properly wash their hands after using the bathroom, the faeces can be transferred to objects that are then [...]

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Esophageal stricture and it’s treatment

Throat tightness is very much familiar for many people which causes uncomfortable, pain and even frightening feeling. Sometimes this tightness is for short time and hence may be recognized as anxiety or an allergic reaction. But persistent tightness which get worsen with time may be due to esophageal stricture. Not only tightness but person may [...]

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All you need to know about ERCP procedure

What is ECRP? ERCP is procedure that allow gastroenterologist doctors to examine pancreatic and bile ducts. ERCP is a flexible, lightweight tube (endoscope) having thickness of index finger which can be inserted through mouth and into your stomach and first part of the small intestine (duodenum). In the small intestine there are 2 small [...]

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Get answered to all your questions about acid reflux

Acid reflux and heartburn are the most common complaints that people are facing these days.  Most people understand that the burning sensation of reflux directly results result into acid.  However, there are many other questions about acid reflux which are still not clear. Here is the list of common questions and their answers about [...]

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